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Ritual: A Global Advocate for Sambhali Trust

Ritual: A Global Advocate for Sambhali Trust

Christina Kerndal epitomizes a citizen of the world, seamlessly bridging continents and cultures in her tireless support for Sambhali Trust. Hailing from California, with roots in Denmark and a deep connection to India, her journey intertwines diverse experiences that converge in a shared commitment to empower women and girls through her business, Ritual.

Establishing Ritual in 2001, Christina's journey began in Antigua, Guatemala, where her retail store not only showcased handcrafted jewelry but also celebrated textiles and antique Indian furniture. Over time, her passion for design led her to coalesce with artisan silversmiths in Rajasthan, India, crafting exquisite pieces that reflect her ethos of sustainability and artistry.

In 2009, Christina's path intersected with Sambhali Trust, igniting a profound partnership that transcends borders. Inspired by Sambhali's mission to uplift marginalized women and girls, she became not only a steadfast donor but also a beacon of awareness, channeling 3% of Ritual's profits towards Sambhali Trust since 2018.

Her advocacy extends far beyond financial contributions. Leveraging her extensive global network, Christina amplifies Sambhali's message, nurturing a community of supporters across the United States through Sambhali U.S. Her collaboration with Shereen Arent, President of Sambhali U.S., epitomizes solidarity in action, embodying a shared vision for transformative change.

Christina's ethos is rooted in inclusivity and empowerment, eschewing pressure in favor of shared enthusiasm. Through her blog posts and engagements, she invites others to join the journey, believing that every contribution, regardless of scale, catalyzes meaningful impact.

As Women's History Month unfolds, Christina's legacy intertwines with Sambhali Trust's narrative, a testament to resilience, compassion, and unwavering dedication. Her boundless optimism propels her forward, eager to witness the next chapter in Sambhali's remarkable journey—a journey fueled by hope, solidarity, and the transformative power of collective action.